Panca piana: come eseguirla correttamente?

Distensione su panca per dimagrire

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It is characterized as an exercise multiarticolare and, for its peculiarity of being able to recruit almost all the muscle groups, is termed "fundamental". In particular, is one of the three exercises of the sport of powerlifting, which consists of three different tests, squat, deadlift from the floor, and, in fact, stretching on a flat bench, in each of which you must be able to lift the most weight possible with a limit.

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In the sports literature speaks of important records, with weights that often don't even touch the collective imagination, and even the minds of athletes coming from other disciplines, in fact, to achieve this, we need not only a capacity for the expression of the extraordinary strength, but also a trim technical special: the person who is preparing to perform the gesture should be positioned supine on the bench, with the shoulder blades raised and depressed, feet firmly planted on the ground and the area of the dorso-lumbar spine arched.

Now, if it is true that it is more appropriate to transport the bladesin order to expand anteriorly, the thoracic cage, providing at the same time the pectoralis major to a pre-stretching and, at the same time increase the degree of involvement of the muscle during the work done, not entirely clear why these may also be depressed, in fact the only depression scapular is not a sufficient condition to increase space under acromion, rather we should ask, to the scapula fixed, the depression of only the humerus, but this can only be considered a small detail, then we can say that is absolutely correct, the research of the depression of shoulder joint, especially in view of the fact that presses on a flat bench with the barbell in themselves are a type of exercise in which the space sub-acromial is physiologically reduced.

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It also appears easy to understand why you seek a support of the feet strictly attached to the ground, put the feet directly on the surface of the bench would increase in parallel with the instability of the body due to the characteristics accommodating, compromising the balance and, therefore, also the capacity of expression of strength. Take firmly contact with the ground, instead it will be very important for a good lift because it ensures a good balance of the body, and a drain of the forces on the ground optimal.

In the event that you are not touching the ground because of the ends that are too short, it may be useful to place media, such as, for example, the step to ensure solid support, while you do not have the same stability by placing your feet on the front mounts already supplied by the manufacturer since the portion of the foot, and adherent to the structure is much lower and, therefore, the support of the feet is not complete.

Panca stretta per i tricipiti: come farla

This support can be useful in the case in which there is the opposite to a beginner who compensates the action of the vertical thrust with ahyperlordosis of the lumbar. The hyperlordosis is the last topic of this paper since it seems to now become of common use in the gymnasiums, but it will be correct?

There is a school of thought according to which a proper technique of stretching on a flat bench should provide for the so-called "arc ridge" actually the arch in the lumbar-dorsal or dorso-lumbar that to say it wants as: "provides stability", "allows you to raise more weight", "protects distensione su panca per dimagrire headphones", "protects you neck", "is" safe and natural".

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Although it is true that theadduction scapular prepare for a slight lumbar lordosis of compensation, it is also true that arching the back is frequently seen, as said before, in those subjects beginners that, because of their inexperience, did not have a good control or a good stability of the abdominal such as to counteract the over-arching caused by those muscles that, by contracting as active in the movement, cause an anteversion of the pelvis and a rear-wheel drive of the rings of the vertebrae, which, therefore, is inarcheranno.

In particular, thev-y advancewhich might even be retracted and, therefore, it would be useful, if not indispensable, to secure the foot on a support such as that provided by the manufacturer. Such action would not undermine nor, in particular, the stability as a beginner will keep you well under your ceiling and, therefore, will not load, not even several kilograms of weight.

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Let us now turn to the theme of safety of the spine: we are aware of the fact that the forces you download the predominantly on the articulation of the shoulder, but how is it possible that the rest of the body is able to be totally foreign to the exercise? If this were true, you could do less of "push your heels toward the head," while it is a technique that is especially sought after by the landing of large loads, and if it is true that by the feet, it transmits a force such as to increase the effectiveness of the gesture, it is equally true that the strength of ascendant type generates a compression which, when added to the position is not physiological of the column, is squirt the intervertebral discs out of their home.

Impossible you say, do not feel any particular pain in the following this exercise and this happens because the protrusion is in the direction of the front, and the remains asymptomaticbecause there is no compression of any nerve as instead would happen in the event of a spill back.

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Distensione su panca per dimagrire, the process of herniation would be circumscribed tothe apex of the arc and its two extreme low side, areas that, with the distensione su panca per dimagrire of time, they could go to meet the approaching of segments in the joints of the vertebrae which, rubbing her between them, are likely to meet to osteoarthritis.

In this regard, we remind you that the wording according to which in the bench presses flat there is disc compression remains true only in the moment in which the column is to be perfectly perpendicular to such forces, what is very distant from the arc, especially in the presence of an additional force acting in the longitudinal direction.

Continuing does not appear plausible as a yes composed by different segments, but at the same time behaves as a whole, can distort a portion of it without affecting distensione su panca per dimagrire other, then, to enter in the specific, as you could with a hyperextension lumbar spine maintain neutral cervical lordosis, rather it would seem more easily desirable, given the restoration of normal, but more marked kyphosis from the area corresponding roughly to T7, that the cervical spine may go into the meeting in a flattening that does not permit to assert that the above arc can have positive effects on the protection of the neck.

The opposite of the position taken from the chest, but not for the presence of the arcuazione, but for the adduction scapular depression and humeral, causes that can be avoided any conflicts subacromiali contributing to the effective protection of the shoulder, which is the one and only articulation to be preserved.

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Perdita di peso dellenzima amilasi to the arc, it seems quite strange how it is possible to increase the stability in view of the lower surface of the body resting on the tool, a bit like what happens in the much contested rise of the feet, while it would seem more plausible to an increase of the instability of the latero-lateral.

Finally, we take care of the last point in question, the one regarding the lifted load, the only one on which we totally agree with the supporters of the "theory of the arch". Indeed, the distensione su panca per dimagrire position of the inclination in the cranial area in which is located the chest allows you to be able to express a greater amount of force due to biomechanical is more favourable and this is due to two factors: primarily to a substantial decrease in the ROM, i.

At this point, however, the question is, "are we still talking about flat bench?

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Usually these we're talking about are features of another type of bench presses, one declined see photo belowwhich trains the same portions of muscle previously described in the presence of the arc but in a situation of body alignment and, therefore, in total safety joint.

This does not mean that it is always better not to train such portions muscle rather than allenarle in conditions that are not optimal, because there are several other exercises you can perform with the head raised, which are much safer and functional than a bench press flat in the presence of the arc, which, unlike the bench press, declined that can be damaging, the arc is harmful always.

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In closing this article, therefore, we can say that make the arch is absolutely wrong even if, until the regulation allows it, remains a technique used by powerlifters despite being very risky and the one who uses it does so only for reasons prestativi, while it has no use in body building. A proper technique for flat bench therefore provides the following structure technical At this point, depress the humerus;4. We conclude by recalling that it is precisely the specificity of the load is a particularly important element in the process of training as it will be dependent on both the final results in the long term, both to avoid injury.

Suggerimenti generali per le distensioni su panca piana I principi base del Bench Press Il bench press è senza dubbio uno degli esercizi preferiti in ambito di sollevamento pesi. In qualsiasi palestra si entri, si troveranno degli atleti che eseguono questo esercizio.

It is therefore important to choose with accuracy the weight maybe relying on experienced and qualified personnel.